Situated 71 km. of Madrid. Toledo, the home of El Greco, was the capital of the Visigoth kingdom for over a hundred years, depending on the Emirate of Córdoba three centuries and became, once conquered, in advance of the Christian kingdoms in their struggle against the Arabs. In Toledo, you can visit:

* Magnificent Cathedral of the purest Gothic style. Inside pictures of El Greco.
* City Hall, San Juan de los Reyes, Hospital of Tavera, Museum of Santa Cruz, Mosque of Cristo de la Luz.
* Churches of San Román, Santo Tomé and Santiago Arrabal, in Mudejar style.
* Zocodover Square
* Gates of the Sol and the Bisagra
* Neighborhood of old Jewry, Synagogue of Santa María la Blanca and the Tránsito
* House of El Greco.


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