Obligations and rights of customers

FIRST Furniture: The furniture must be maintained is a state of cleanliness and good repair, just as she/he would certify having received it, by means of signing this document.

SECOND Minimum stay:. If the costumer leaves before that deadline it will not given back the deposit. Costumer can renovate after 12 weeks for the needed period. If client ask for less than 12 weeks this paragraph doesn’t apply.

THIRD Deposit: The fixed deposit is 200 euros for stay of four weeks or longer, 60 euros if it is from two to three weeks and 30 euro if it is one week long.

The deposit must be paid the first or second day of the arrival to the accommodation. Every payment made to Accommadrid must be done in euros and cash. In case of breach of contract, the Accommadrid Agency will reserve the right of being able to provide accommodation to another person.

The deposit is kept as guarantee of the exact fulfilment of the terms of this contract and it will be given back in case these requirements are made or carried out:

  • 1/ It is necessary that all and every rent payments had been made.
  • 2/ It is a must that the keys of the accommodation had been given back. When leaving the keys in the apartment, they must be left on a visible place.
  • 3/ The state of the utensils and accessories of the accommodation must be in the conditions in which they had been received.
  • 4/ The deposit will be given back when a FORTNIGHT’S NOTICE has been made before leaving the accommodation, by means of appearing personally at Accommadrid or by post, fax or email.
  • 5/ Every day of delay in the notice will be discounted from the deposit.
  • 6/ The deposit will not be given back in this cases: a. Complaint or denounce from the neighbours about parties, scandal, etc. b. If it past three weeks after the end of the stay and nobody comes to the office to cash it out. c. In case of any damage in the accommodation or its furnitures. d. If the tenant does not apply the numeral 4 of the second clause. The deposit will be returned in the mornings between 9.30 until 13.00 from Monday to Friday. In case of not being able to collect it, Accommadrid must be notified in order to arrange the collection. The deposit will be given back when the stay finishes and in NO case it will be used as payment of the according rent.

FOURTH Method of payment: The first payment will be made two weeks before the arrival to Madrid. The rest of the months the payment will be made every 28 days (four weeks) at Accommadrid and in cash. If the payment is not made within seven days of the agreed period, from the 8th day you must pay a surcharge of 3 euro for every day of delay. In order to guarantee the perfect behaviour during this period at the accommodation, both sides agree the fulfilment of the following terms.


In Relation to the accommodation:

  • 1/ The accommodation will be perfectly equipped and the expenses are included in the price, such as the electricity, water and heating, The exceptions is the internet fee wich has to be paid separate. Relating to the telephone, in case the accommodation owns it, it will be only allowed to receive calls. if there is any change of these terms, Accommadrid will not be responsible. if the tenant use the telephone without previous authorization of the owner of the accommodation, Accommadrid company can discount this price of the personal calls from the deposit.
  • 2/ During the stay period, the tenant (lodger) will be able to move to other kind of accommodation without representing an extra cost, provided that he notifies it in advance and he had finished the contracted stay at the first chosen accommodation.
  • 3/ The Accommadrid is to help you during your stay in Madrid. In view of any problem at the accommodation, do not hesitate to contact us. All complaints will be paid attention (heeded), as well as any request or even doubts during your stay, never later. If you have any problem with the accommodation and you decide to change for your own wtihout any advice and explanation to Accommadrid, we will not be responsible from this moment. You will not be entitled to reclaim the devolution of the money of the days that you have not been placed.
  • 4/ Any kind of physical or other problem, (allergic to animals, specific medicine taken…) must be advised in advance to Accommadrid office.
  • 5/ Accommadrid Company will require the photocopy of the passport or identity card. If this documentation is not in order Accommadrid will reserve the right of being able to provide accommodation to another person.
  • 6/ Accommadrid must have before the arrival to Madrid the address and telephone number of the family or person to contact in case of emergency.

In relation to the lodger:

  • 1/ The lodger must respect his roommates, flatmates, neighbours and owners of the accommodation.
  • 2/ The use of the accommodation is forbidden for professional , immoral or illegal activities.
  • 3/ NO person outside the flat lodgers will be allowed to be accommodated at the flatshare, bedsit, residence, families, etc. In case of relatives or friends visiting the lodger, Accommadrid must be told two weeks in advance and 20 euros per person and per night must be paid to accommadrid before the arrival.
  • 4/ The accommodation must be maintained in perfect state of cleanliness, full in relation to its household goods and tidy.
  • 6/ NO ANIMALS will be allowed at the accommodation.
  • 7/ The owners of the accommodation will be able to show the rooms to possible clients, as well as to accede to it, in case it is necessary to do any kind of repairing, within reasonable hours.


In case the accommodation form is made for a period over 4 weeks and you decide to leave it in advance, the deposit will be retained (kept) by the Accommadrid Agency. INSURANCE: The lodgers know, by means of the following signature, that their possessions are not insured and the Agency does not accept responsability for thefts, losses or damages.


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