How to reserve

Through the website you can make a request for accommodation, pre-booking.

You can know all the accommodation options that we offer on our website, if there is someone in that you are interested:

1 Fill the registration form and send it with the chosen option to If you do not see any option in that you are interested you directly send us the registration form and we will look for options appropriate to send you and you could choose.

2 Received the request of pre-booking we will confirm availability and we will send your budget. In case that not to have availability in the option chosen we will send you alternative options according to your needs.

3 Once you confirm us your chosen accommodation you must make the payment of the first 4 weeks of housing and the registration fee for the booking becomes effective. Payment of the deposit can be made in two ways. See terms of payment on the web.

4 We will send you then more information, contact for the day of arrival to housing and emergency phone once we confirm the payment of booking.

5. Accommodation contract can be formalized either through e-mail or the day after of your arrival to Madrid, in the office, to leave it signed and know us.

We wait for you!